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Into the Woods

Into the Woods

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Petitgrain, green accord, fennel 
Peony, herbal nuances, aniseed 
Cedarwood, forest pines, truffle, musk

The tall trees shelter me from the late morning sun, where only slivers of sunlight can sneak past the dense canopy. The sweet and earthy scents of the woods fill my lungs as the dewy foliage rustles beneath my feet. A nearby stream and the sing-song of woodland birds create a magical symphony only this newly discovered world can create. The wind carries a subtle floral fragrance along with a hint of aniseed as I venture further into the woods. The unmistakably warm scent of cedarwood and pine has not gone unnoticed as I stumble across a picnic table surrounded by lush ferns. Overhead, light globes scallop from one tree across to the next, creating a warm glowing shelter. The air in these enchanted woods is rich with ozone and holds a sweet nuance. The perfect spot for a picnic.


Product Specifications

  • 250 grams
  • Coconut soy wax
  • Cherry wood wick
  • 35 hour burn time
  • Biodegradable label and eco-friendly packaging
  • Custom handmade cork lids
  • Unique hand-blended fragrances
  • Re-loveable & refillable Turkish glass
  • Please note that the box states "soy wax", however, the wax is coconut soy

About the Luxe Signature Collection

An eco-luxury candle made with premium and sustainable materials. Turkish glass designed to be re-loved, and unique hand-blended fragrances make them one of a kind. Pleasing in every way, we welcome you to explore the Luxe Signature collection for a true sensorial experience that doesn't cost the earth. 


Your new hand-poured soy candle will arrive snuggly wrapped in sustainable packaging, including 100% recyclable and compostable hex wrap, lovingly placed in a planet-loving shipping box and sealed with recyclable and biodegradable tape.


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