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Pantry Staple

Pantry Staple

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Orange almond, aldehydes
Iced chestnut, ginger, nutmeg
Vanilla bean, cinnamon, buttercream

The warm golden glow of twinkle lights act as a beacon to the heart of my home. An elusive night owl, I am in the mood for something sweet and comforting. As I step into my charmingly lit kitchen and open my pantry door, I am greeted by a warm nutty aroma before being swept away by the enticingly spicy aromatics of ginger and nutmeg. My stomach gives a small rumble as my delicious gourmand ideas take shape. The twinkle lights sparkle and dance off the kitchen countertop as the space fills with the sweet scent of spices, I cherish such quiet and magical moments at home. With a final flourish of vanilla maple buttercream, my taste in decadence and luxury comes to life. Now warm, satisfied and perfectly contented, I pad into my soft cosy bed, and dream of tonight's leftovers.

Product Specifications

  • 250 grams
  • Coconut soy wax
  • Cherry wood wick
  • 35 hour burn time
  • Biodegradable label and eco-friendly packaging
  • Custom handmade cork lids
  • Unique hand-blended fragrances
  • Re-loveable & refillable Turkish glass
  • Please note that the box states "soy wax", however, the wax is coconut soy

About the Luxe Signature Collection

An eco-luxury candle made with premium and sustainable materials. Turkish glass designed to be re-loved, and unique hand-blended fragrances make them one of a kind. Pleasing in every way, we welcome you to explore the Luxe Signature collection for a true sensorial experience that doesn't cost the earth. 


Your new hand-poured soy candle will arrive snuggly wrapped in sustainable packaging, including 100% recyclable and compostable hex wrap, lovingly placed in a planet-loving shipping box and sealed with recyclable and biodegradable tape.


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Customer Reviews

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It's easy to tell that a lot of love, time and effort went into these gorgeous candles. The scent is yummy and warm and travels through the home. I love the presentation of the beautiful glass, the wood wick and the eco-friendly cork lid. Looking forward to more from Alchimie :)